Flameguard Fire Rated 300 

Developed for offshore operations and use on firewater mains systems (Product reference NHG20)

Techfluid has designed and developed a range of Fire Rated 300 hoses specifically for the offshore and petrochemical industry. Primarily designed for Fire Water Mains Systems installations can also be used or delivery of gasoline, diesel oil, fuel oil with aromatic content up to 50%, seawater, fresh water, mud and air and other general purposes fluid.

The Techfluid NHG range of Fire rated hoses can be directly exposed to flame for in excess of 30min at temperatures of 800°C, which enable operators to rescue and escape under emergency conditions and  ensuring  the need to operate safely.

Key Applications 

  • Application Specific or designed to meet customer requirements
  • Chosen method for replacement of old corroded Deluge and Sprinkler Systems
  • Corrosion free alternative to existing pipework
  • Delivery of chemicals and hydrocarbon fluid transfer

Designed for emergency conditions

  • Tested and certified under full working pressure
  • Available in large Diameter
  • Abrasion and UV Resistant
  • 100% Corrosion Free

Fire Protection – firewater mains hose specification

Tube Black, nitrile rubber, oil resistance, seawater resistance, high temperature resistance
Reinforcement  High strength steel cord, anti-static copper wire, helix steel wire for hose size up to 6” and above
Cover Red, chloroprene rubber, fire resistance, wear resistance, ozone & ageing resistance, oil resistance
Fire Shield Layer  Glass fiber cloth
Temperature Range -30°C to + 100°C
Fire Resistance  ISO 15540 & ISO 15541, at 800°C x 30 minutes
Type Internal DiaOutside DiaWorking PressureBurst PressureSafety
NHG20241 1/2382.9174213051041,52053003.670

*Larger bore sizes available on request.