Offering a complete solution to Hose Management




Delivering award winning solutions to the Oil & Gas, with our professional technology and project management team, Techfluid will provide you with high performance hoses and management services


Offshore package includes all essential elements of hose assembly and inspection and safety courses. Offering a comprehensive specialist training portfolio to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to assemble, inspect and produce records.


What training we offer…..








Hose Inspection and Re-Certification

Using our fully certified Hose technicians and technology in Asset Integrity software our technicians are able to create detailed reports on the condition of our client’s assets. Allowing us to put in place a system to manage our client’s asset integrity in its entirety.







Project Management

In order to run projects, Techfluid always delivers a wide range of project engineering and project management and support to ensure optimal results in all areas. We offer support in engineering and manufacturing also in offshore inspection and repair to supervise & coordinate you project.









Hose Design & Configuration

Detailed hose design and configuration assessments critical to a cost effective design of hose installation projects. Techfluid use several design, configuration and analysis software to offer clients the most comprehensive range of solutions.