Hose Flotation Wrap

Specifically designed for industrial hose strings (boat loading hose) for all applications in the offshore rig supply field

Branding       TECHFLUID
Supply           Fixing Heavy-duty nylon strapping with Delrin buckle
Colour           Fluoresent orange (Other colours available on request)
Resistance    Seawater, Oil, Chemicals, Sunlight, Ozone and Mildew
Materials      Durable marine grade high visibility polyester with integrated reflective tape delivering visibility in low light conditions


  • Reliable solution design with a high level of buoyancy
  • Quick attach/detach jacket style design for hose sizes
  • Stress reduction to the hose when loading fluids increasing hose life
  • Reduces the hazard of hose fouling on supply boat propeller and rudder
  • Buoyancy, supporting the hose on the surface of the water
  • Florescent wrap increases visibility and low light operations for fluid transfer safety

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